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CANADA 010892 330 (4) FORT MACLEOD


Fort Macleod, Alberta, Canada 1992


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Fort Macleod is Alberta's oldest settlement and has been declared the province's first historic area with some buildings dating from the 1890's. The Northwest Mounted Police, now known as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, established Fort Macleod as their first western outpost in the year 1874. Really the first settlement in the province of Alberta. As we hit Fort Macleod, we could choose between the route down to Cardston, or hook a west out and down to Waterton, our choice was to stay on big Highway  down to Montana.  Let's keep hanging in there, we were not tired.  So we kept on Highway 2 south to Cardston.  Very nice choice.  Not at all a problem, and traffic was light and courteous.  Though a guy said Waterton Lake is great, but we just felt the Glaciers was calling us.






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