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Iowa, United States Of America 2010


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Just crossed over the Mississippi River a couple of kilometers back. We saw nothing but darkness though - just a sign before the bridge gave notice of the "big name" Mississippi River. The river carries the border between Illinois (we came from Chicago) and Iowa.

I pulled over here - in the middle of nowhere - in order to check for available services in the area (using our GPS Navigation).

And yes, I know, there is absolutely no stopping on a freeway. This includes the roadway itself, the shoulder such as here in our case, the off and on-ramps, and the median - anywhere on freeway right-of-way... Emergency stops are permitted, but you must take extra care. The shoulder of a busy freeway is a very dangerous place. But I also say it does depend where, when and how you pull over and I came a long way doing so indeed.



Davenport 16 Miles. A city located along the Mississippi River and we were passing it very close here. Later I regretted not having stopped or passed by next day at daytime to see the Mississippi River.


Des Moines 174 Miles. The capital city of Iowa was on our route next day.




Four pictures above taken without flash... With flash - see below.



Warm, humid night here in Iowa.

Picture taken using the flash which reveals the extra ordinary fat bug splats all over the windshield.

The wipers can't take it and I don't have no ice scraper to assist... Seems we hit some thick swarm of exploding juicy bugs. Not really sure what they were, except disgusting. No wiper fluid either and the car was absolutely covered, specially a problem for the windshield and head lights of course. Anyway, we'll reach some service area soon and get to rest for the  night. I'll have to let them (the bugs:) bake on till tomorrow.



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