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CANADA 280710 428 (7) 2/6 STONEY POINT


Stoney Point, Ontario, Canada 2010


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Tremblay Beach Conservation Area.



Tremblay Beach Conversation Area.


Tremblay Beach was acquired by the Essex Region Conversation Authority in May, 1982. This 32 hectare (75 acre) site consists primarily of a narrow barrier beach and is one of the few remaining natural wetlands found along the Lake St. Clair shoreline in Essex County. The wetland is divided into two parts by a small stream known as Little Creek.


ERCA's first objective in managing Tremblay Beach is the preservation of the marsh in a natural state as habitat for wildlife.


The second objective is to maintain a high number and variety of regional plants and animals which are characteristic of the local environment.


This site provides significant and sensitive habitat because it is one of only two sizeable natural areas remaining on the south shore of Lake St. Clair. A number of rare birds and some beaver have been sighted. The sandy beach also provides and important nesting area for a community of turtle species.








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