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CANADA 280710 428 (9) 20/22 WINDSOR


Windsor, Ontario, Canada 2010


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Have a look at where I parked the car (see above:)


Windsor cop cruisers rated No. 1 in country...

As far as I read, they indeed finished top in a row in national beauty contests for police cars the past years. The latest design for Windsor patrol vehicles has been named "Canada's Best Dressed Police Vehicle" by Blue Line Magazine and the website These Windsor police cars still have the big bold maple leaf just behind the front wheel wells, as they have had since 2001, but they also have more vivid blue striping. Check out some of the designs below.





Also a Dodge Charger in service with the Windsor Police.





As seen thru the windshield: Straight ahead Goyeau Street and next right turn (Chatham Street) is the Windsor Police Headquarters.




On the go to find the entrance to the Windsor Tunnel to get over to Detroit...



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