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CANADA 280710 428 (8) 16/22 WINDSOR


Windsor, Ontario, Canada 2010


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The Rt. Hon. Herb Gray, PC., C.C., Q.C.

The Rt. Hon. Herb Gray represented the west side of Windsor in the House of Commons from June 1962 to January 2002. He was elected thirteen consecutive times - a record - and set another record for continous days of service in the House of Commons - 39 years, six months and 26 days. He served as Deputy Prime Minister, from 1997.06.11 - 2002.01.14 and in 10 other Cabinet positions. Herb Gray was born in Windsor, on May 25th, 1931 and grew up in Windsor.


This sculpture by Chris Rees was donated by Windsor Liberal Associations.



French settlement on the South Shore.


Windsor is the oldest known site of continous settlement in Ontario. The government of New France, anxious to increase its presence on the Detroit River, offered land for agricultural settlement on the south shore in 1749. That summer, families from the lower St. Lawrence River relocated to lots which began about 6.5 kms downstream from here. Along with civilians and discharged soldiers from Fort Pontchartrain (Detroit), they formed the community of La Petite Cote. Additional waterfront lots, including this site, were laid out in 1751. These extended from the Huron mission, located in the present Ambassador Bridge, to the Ottawa village situated opposite the fort. When the French regime ended in 1760, about 300 settlers were living here.




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